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Mediestetour connect patients and doctors globally
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Aesthetıc and Plastıc Surgery

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Haır Transplant and Health

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Oral and Dental Health Clınıc

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Dermatology and Medıcal Aesthetics

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Varıcose Veın Clınıc

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Healthy Lıvıng and Eatıng Clınıc

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Avıcenna’s Tradıtıonal Medıcıne

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Mediestetour connect patients and doctors globally

Mediestetour knows the difficulties and responsibilities of the sector is operates in. We know the importance of health. In line with this, we contribute to the strengthening of the sector with the work we do. As per our management philosophy, we save the sector from a commercial and competitive footing and create targets that compete with themselves. We constantly evaluate and appraise our systems and procedures as well as giving importance and priority to or efforts to develop and improve. We never compromise honesty and affordability as we combine health and quality. Health is a serious responsibility. Taking strength and inspiration from its name, the aims of Mediestetour are being respectful towards people’s health, providing the correct diagnoses and treatments with our specialist doctors and bringing health to our patients while never forgetting theabsolutely necessary medical ethics. We always strive to develop ourselves in order to meet this serious responsibility. We work to contribute to the health system’s large and varied structure while following its current situation. We are aware of the necessity of not compromising these values as we journey towards our goals. We view all of these requirements as a moral duty and we will continue to remember we are in an important sector and to provide treatments to our patients with commitment and devotion.


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